A Garden Tool Kit as a Gift for the Budding Gardener

Just as a painter has his tools of the trade on hand like brushes, rollers and tarp, a beginning gardener needs a few basics in their tool arsenal as well. If you have a budding gardener in your life, the best gift you can give them which would definitely be used is a garden tool kit. Of course, each tool kit is different as manufacturers may have opposing views as to which tools are deemed most important to beginning gardeners.

Can You Dig It?

Perhaps the most important implement in the garden tool kit should be the hand held garden spade used for digging holes and breaking up dirt. Your beginning gardener will no doubt be digging small holes in which to plant the latest blooming annuals or even vegetable plants for a fruitful bounty in a few months. A hand rake or claw implement is another great addition to the garden tool kit as it will help with loosening dirt as well as aiding in the removal of weeds.

Cutting Down to Size

Pruning shears are important to many gardeners for clipping back straggly vines and wayward plants who seem to have developed a life of their own. These shears are another great addition to the garden tool kit because they are strong enough to cut through simple green stalks all the way to tough woody stemmed plants. Smaller clippers may be a good addition as well when your new gardener has to remove wrappings or twine from plants or even to cut string for tying supports for plants as well.

Hand Protection

Gardening gloves are an excellent addition to a garden tool kit especially when you want your budding green thumb to avoid forming cuts or blisters or even ruining a new manicure. In addition, some plants have rough stems, spiny leaves or stickers which could nick and even infect the skin. Gardening gloves can protect hands from harm so that the gardener in your life does not have to take a break due to an injury.

Another Tool in your Mist

A sprayer of various sizes can come quite in handy should you decide to include one or two of them in your garden tool kit as a gift. Some plants need simple misting of their leaves for moisture while others may need light fertiliser or chemicals for bug infestation treatment. Sprayers are a versatile tool in any gardener’s arsenal and therefore should be considered for inclusion. There are also a variety of other types of tools available but the spade, rake, gloves, shears and sprayer are enough to get any beginning gardener started.