Better Garden Tools: Getting Better Results

When you are having surgery and you want good results you go to the right kind of doctors with the right kind of tools, correct? You need to stop and think about this when you are buying garden tools for your lawn. The better garden tools simply deliver better results. When you want to have a yard that always looks great, go for the better garden tools!

The Comfort Factor

Don’t just consider what the tool can do when you are buying better garden tools; buy those that are going to make the job as comfortable as possible, too! Perhaps you are developing arthritis in your hands or you have a tendency to cramp up from repetitive movements like trimming bushes using pruning shears. Choose garden tools that will allow you to complete the task at hand without hurting yourself!

If you are looking for comfortable better garden tools you might want to look for those that have gel or rubberised handles, as these will help to make even the longest, toughest jobs more comfortable. Adding length to a handle may reduce the stooping factor or even add additional leverage to lessen your efforts while you are out in the yard.

Choosing Higher Quality Materials

In some cases it really is worth investing in better garden tools that are made of higher quality materials. These often last longer and make for easier use, so check out your options before you buy. Better garden tools would incorporate stainless steel or galvanised to prevent rust and additional maintenance, while also making the job easier.

Another place where you may want to choose higher quality materials is in the purchase of gardening gloves. If you have gloves that get stickers and burrs right through them, it may be time for an upgrade. Perhaps, your gloves could become better garden tools with them being made from more durable materials and even adding a layer of rubberised grips for protection against slipping!

Choosing Reliable Brands

Better garden tools are usually offered by those companies who have experience in making tools. Look to your favourite home improvement and gardening personalities you watch on television and see what brands they use. They do not settle for second best and are always trying new and improved products to bring their work to a higher level. Look to see what they use or even shop and compare on your own for better garden tools than what you already have. Look for garden tools that offer warranties and guarantees so you can get your money back in the case that the tool is not what you expected.

The Necessity of a Garden Hoe

Like anything, when gardening there is going to be certain tools that you need to have to get the job done right. Garden hoes were designed to improve your plot of ground, without giving you a backache. This is not to say that every garden hoe is created equal. There are some things that you should know about this tool before getting started!

The Purpose of the Garden Hoe

The garden hoe is intended to aide in the removal of weeds, while also eliminating the need for chemicals. One of the major frustrations a gardener faces is the way weeds seem to take over so quickly. Weed seeds are usually buried deeper in the ground than the plants that make up your garden. Hence, you will need to dig deeper with the garden hoe than the roots of your plants to keep the weeds from returning.

Luckily, the garden hoe is meant to do this job and will remove even the tiniest weeds before they get too big. An additional benefit is that when there are fewer weeds in the garden, there is less need to use harmful chemicals to control these undesirable plants. Most gardeners agree that the use of fewer chemicals creates better flowers, fruits or vegetables, and provides a better growing environment.

Garden Hoe Options

When you start shopping for a garden hoe you will quickly find that there are different options for you to choose from. An important consideration of a garden hoe is the depth of the cut in the soil it produces. While you will want to remove weeds, it’s also very important not to harm the root system of your plants. Most horticulturists recommend shallow cultivation to preserve root structure of garden plants so you get great growth.

When shopping, you should attempt to choose a hoe that will allow you some control of the depth into the soil. The space around your plants will be another factor to consider. If you have a very limited space, select a hoe that will accommodate the area in which you need to work. The blades shouldn’t be too large or spread out too much. Pick up and maneuver the hoe before buying it to be sure you will be able to use it comfortably.

With the right tools, gardening can be a great way to spend time. Besides the physical beauty gardens will bring to your living area, there is also health benefits associated with this type of activity. Purchasing the right kind of tools for your gardening needs will get the work done fast, and will give you the most fruitful results. With the use of the garden hoe, weeding will become easier and growth will be better than ever!

A Garden Tool Kit as a Gift for the Budding Gardener

Just as a painter has his tools of the trade on hand like brushes, rollers and tarp, a beginning gardener needs a few basics in their tool arsenal as well. If you have a budding gardener in your life, the best gift you can give them which would definitely be used is a garden tool kit. Of course, each tool kit is different as manufacturers may have opposing views as to which tools are deemed most important to beginning gardeners.

Can You Dig It?

Perhaps the most important implement in the garden tool kit should be the hand held garden spade used for digging holes and breaking up dirt. Your beginning gardener will no doubt be digging small holes in which to plant the latest blooming annuals or even vegetable plants for a fruitful bounty in a few months. A hand rake or claw implement is another great addition to the garden tool kit as it will help with loosening dirt as well as aiding in the removal of weeds.

Cutting Down to Size

Pruning shears are important to many gardeners for clipping back straggly vines and wayward plants who seem to have developed a life of their own. These shears are another great addition to the garden tool kit because they are strong enough to cut through simple green stalks all the way to tough woody stemmed plants. Smaller clippers may be a good addition as well when your new gardener has to remove wrappings or twine from plants or even to cut string for tying supports for plants as well.

Hand Protection

Gardening gloves are an excellent addition to a garden tool kit especially when you want your budding green thumb to avoid forming cuts or blisters or even ruining a new manicure. In addition, some plants have rough stems, spiny leaves or stickers which could nick and even infect the skin. Gardening gloves can protect hands from harm so that the gardener in your life does not have to take a break due to an injury.

Another Tool in your Mist

A sprayer of various sizes can come quite in handy should you decide to include one or two of them in your garden tool kit as a gift. Some plants need simple misting of their leaves for moisture while others may need light fertiliser or chemicals for bug infestation treatment. Sprayers are a versatile tool in any gardener’s arsenal and therefore should be considered for inclusion. There are also a variety of other types of tools available but the spade, rake, gloves, shears and sprayer are enough to get any beginning gardener started.

Garden Pruning Tools: Your Options

Gardening is enjoyed by millions of people from all around the world. While gardening can be very relaxing, it is also a form of exercise, and there are certain tools that will make the exercise more efficient and the work more fun. Gardening also means that there are some times when you will be in need of garden pruning tools to keep your garden looking great. To prune means to cut short a branch or any part of a plant. Garden pruning tools are one of the most basic tools that are required to keep the garden looking and growing beautifully.

As you may have guessed, garden pruning tools come in all different shapes and sizes. There are long reach garden pruning tools for hard to reach places and there are also garden pruning tools that resemble scissors. Hedge and grass shears may also be considered pruning tools.

Long Reach Garden Pruning Tools

Long reaching garden pruning tools are made specifically for reaching places that are out of the reach of a common person, such as higher plants and such. If you use these long reach tools, you might not need the use of a ladder to prune your small trees. The average length of a long reach pruning tool adds around three feet of length to the garden implement. If you have plants that grow quite high, you may be in need of this type of garden pruning tool.

In addition, there are garden pruning tools that are attached to poles to enable gardeners to reach the top of most average trees. These are the extreme in long reach pruners. The device might be a saw or clippers and by pulling an attached rope or wire, it prunes topmost branches and twigs and is usually very effective.

Scissor-like Garden Pruning Tools

You have to think about what you will be pruning before you buy, as some garden pruning tools will not be able to cut through some items. For instance, larger branches will require the use of a saw. The appearance of most handheld manual pruners is usually scissor-like and may be able to cut through some smaller branches. Although their function is similar to scissors, the mechanism that drives these garden pruning tools is different enabling you to cut through garden elements.


Another form of gardening pruning tools is the saw. The manual saws function by cutting branches or plants that are in need of trimming or pruning. Some saws are also used to cut down small trees and branches. Take care when using saws.

Buying Electric Pruning Shears

What to Look For

Gardening shears are a tool that every individual should have in their garage, as they are an essential part of caring for your lawn. Before you rush to buy a pair, take a moment and find out what you should look for in this tool to ensure that you get the best tool for your yard!

Tips for Choosing a Great Electric Pruning Shears

When shopping for electric pruning shears you will first want to consider quality. The better the quality the longer the unit will last and the better results you will get with each and every use. With good care and moderate use, the first blades should last you a pretty long time.

Ease of use and safety

– when you would be working with the electric pruning shears you would need to consider that this is as useful a tool but if not used or designed appropriately it can be dangerous. It is much too easy for the uninitiated to cause a terrible accident, so when you buy it to ensure that you could handle the one you choose. Pick up each unit and see which one is easily handled, neither too heavy or too bulky.

Ability to be cleaned

– you need to choose a pair of electric pruning shears that will be easy to clean. Remember any debris that gets entangled and stays within the blades would endanger the machine, as it would endanger the person who would use it next. For example, something remains blocked inside, which might get loose and plunk off unexpectedly to hit and injure someone. Cleaning thoroughly may not be fun, but it will protect the investment

Types of Shears to Choose From

There are three basic types of shears for you to choose from when shopping. The first is the straight edged blade shears which are the simplest and the handiest of all such tools. These types of shears are known to give the best cut. You can also choose the serrated blade shears which is best for cutting ornamental grass, though the cut would not be as neat as that obtained with the straight-edged blades mentioned above.

The final option when choosing shears is the power shear which would give you speed and power two-in-one. The power shears are a great option for homeowners that have a large garden that involves a lot of pruning to do every now and then. Though the manual shears would still be the best at the type of cut, the power shears would offer you speed as well as extreme ease in cutting even the most difficult areas of the yard.