Garden Pruning Tools: Your Options

Gardening is enjoyed by millions of people from all around the world. While gardening can be very relaxing, it is also a form of exercise, and there are certain tools that will make the exercise more efficient and the work more fun. Gardening also means that there are some times when you will be in need of garden pruning tools to keep your garden looking great. To prune means to cut short a branch or any part of a plant. Garden pruning tools are one of the most basic tools that are required to keep the garden looking and growing beautifully.

As you may have guessed, garden pruning tools come in all different shapes and sizes. There are long reach garden pruning tools for hard to reach places and there are also garden pruning tools that resemble scissors. Hedge and grass shears may also be considered pruning tools.

Long Reach Garden Pruning Tools

Long reaching garden pruning tools are made specifically for reaching places that are out of the reach of a common person, such as higher plants and such. If you use these long reach tools, you might not need the use of a ladder to prune your small trees. The average length of a long reach pruning tool adds around three feet of length to the garden implement. If you have plants that grow quite high, you may be in need of this type of garden pruning tool.

In addition, there are garden pruning tools that are attached to poles to enable gardeners to reach the top of most average trees. These are the extreme in long reach pruners. The device might be a saw or clippers and by pulling an attached rope or wire, it prunes topmost branches and twigs and is usually very effective.

Scissor-like Garden Pruning Tools

You have to think about what you will be pruning before you buy, as some garden pruning tools will not be able to cut through some items. For instance, larger branches will require the use of a saw. The appearance of most handheld manual pruners is usually scissor-like and may be able to cut through some smaller branches. Although their function is similar to scissors, the mechanism that drives these garden pruning tools is different enabling you to cut through garden elements.


Another form of gardening pruning tools is the saw. The manual saws function by cutting branches or plants that are in need of trimming or pruning. Some saws are also used to cut down small trees and branches. Take care when using saws.